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Transition Coaching

Many searches fail gradually, well after the search is concluded, in ways that could have been avoided. Failure can happen because new leaders:

  • Lack insight or experience with respect to some aspect of their new department or institution;
  • Encounter administrative challenges that were downplayed during the recruiting process or which have emerged during it;
  • Do not receive candid feedback from new colleagues and reports;
  • Fail to adjust their previously successful style to their new environment and challenges

NLG offers coaching services to help new leaders get better information, set priorities, nurture important (and sometimes challenging) relationships, and broaden their thinking around new challenges. We provide a private sounding board for new leaders during their transitions into new roles, but we do much more than that.

Our coaching is informed by careful and confidential assessment, consisting of confidential interviews and (when advisable) use of a confidential 360-degree feedback process. In some cases NLG will know the institution and people (having conducted the search) and in other cases we will engage appropriately and transparently with staff to convey back to the leader unspoken perceptions, feelings, and challenges that exist, without jeopardizing any individual's confidence. Our ability to serve as an "honest broker" can be invaluable to leaders in new environments.

Through careful consultation with key stakeholders, we help leaders to better understand the challenges and opportunities that exist, the way that they are being perceived, and possible adjustments in approach that may be beneficial. We also draw on our experience across a variety of institutions and with a wide range of leaders, in order to provide ideas and options with respect to difficult issues a new leader faces.

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