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Executive Search

New Leadership Group works with not-for-profit institutions to conduct comprehensive and effective searches that yield outstanding candidates. We bring our resourcefulness, creativity, and depth of experience to every search we conduct.

Find the best fit to guide your organization...
We conduct a thoughtful, strategic assessment of the role, the structure of your organization, and your organizational culture.

Add value in ways not anticipated at the outset of the search...
We encourage our clients to think expansively about the role and about candidates' profiles.

Attract candidates truly interested in your organization...
We effectively and persuasively communicate with sources and candidates, portraying our clients and the role enthusiastically and realistically.

Recruit an exceptional and diverse pool of candidates...
We tap our national and international databases as well as your networks. We quickly learn a new field, distill information, and efficiently connect you to ideal candidates.

Ensure the success of key hires...
When assessing candidates, we apply our background in psychology and our fluency with the emotional competencies most closely aligned with success.

Maximize the opportunity for a successful outcome...
As facilitators and advisors, we shepherd search committees and individuals through the search process--listening to, guiding, and challenging our clients on both strategic and tactical matters.

Our Search Process

Our proven comprehensive search process is designed to help you navigate the four critical junctures of a search:  Understanding the Challenge, Attracting a Diverse Pool of Exceptional Candidates, Effective Candidate Assessment, and Negotiations. 

In addition, we offer unbundled or partial search services when your institution will be better served by focused assistance at any one of the four stages of a search.  We will consult with you to evaluate which services will be most beneficial.

Search Process: for a description of our comprehensive and unbundled search services, click here.






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